On Nature and Natural Law

Note 9: David Duke (Ex-Imperial Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan): Lessons in Genocide. 5/20/99

David Duke, in his recently self-published autobiography (My Awakening, 1999), has argued that a revolution may be necessary (inevitable?) "to free our people" from the ever tightening shackles of having to live in a society where people of color are allowed to mingle with, and pollute, the purity of the all-white race of Euro- Americans who founded the greatest Christian nation on the face of the earth. But I paraphrase, not parody, his actual statement. This is how he puts it himself:

"A physical revolution may be required some day to free our people and secure our survival, and such is justified by the highest laws of Nature and God. But no revolution, whether physical or political, can succeed without first winning the hearts and minds of the people." (670)

The idea that "our survival" must be secured by a "physical," as opposed to a merely "political," revolution, in case you are not familiar with white survivalist code, means simply that guns and other weapons will be used to kill any and all people who oppose the goals and objectives of the revolution. One reason that the extreme right so vehemently opposes restrictions on gun-ownership, especially of automatic assault weapons, is that ordinary revolvers cannot kill enough people fast enough to secure the survival of people like David Duke against the rising tide of mixed-race, sub-human "mud-people" he perceives as threatening his vision of an all-white Christian Garden of Eden. Make no mistake about it, Duke's vision of the other is purely exclusionary. He does not believe that people of color are human in the same way that he is. He does not believe that people of color can be truly Christian. Because they are sub-human and non-Christian by definition, people of color must be excluded from the company of white Euro-Americans. His plan for accomplishing this necessary separation of the races is to establish a separate state, nation, country (in Nevada say) where all people of color can be confined (incarcerated?) with the others of their kind and kept away from white people forever. Advocating their extermination went out with Hitler's gang of Christian zealots so Duke and his followers have modified the "final solution" by offering them a "reservation" where they can determine their own future as freely as white people are allowed to do.

Finding a proper perspective for the currency of views like the one Duke advocates is not all that difficult to do. Take a poll, ask your neighbors if they think all people of color should be rounded up and shipped out to Nevada where they can begin creating their own nation-state in isolation from the white majority that seeks only to enslave them in poverty where they live now. Doing that isn't really necessary, of course, since Duke can tell you himself, in two different ways, by his own actions precisely how popular his vision of a perfect America has become. In the first place, he recently ran for a vacant US House of Representative's seat in the congressional district that lies next to Orleans Parish, Louisiana. The vacancy occurred when Bob Livingston, who had been designated Speaker of the House to replace Newt Gingrich, resigned when it became known that he frequently exercised the habit, Christian or not, of consorting with prostitutes. Duke made no secret of his racist views, of course, which would be impossible anyway since he has been a recurrent office-seeker in the state for the past twenty-five years, and published his autobiography as a campaign tool for this particular effort to gain election. He said many times during the campaign that his first priority would be to establish a separate state for African-Americans and other people of color. Duke received 19% of the vote and missed the runoff by a few thousand ballots. As many as one-fifth of the people in that congressional district do not look unfavorably on the notion that people of color are inferior, sub-human, unChristian monsters (?) who should be rounded up, like cattle (?), and transported to a concentration camp in Nevada.

The other sign of Duke's popularity concerns the fact that he recently sold his mailing list, which is reported to contain the names of at least 80,000 people who regularly contribute money to his political campaigns, not to one political operative in Louisiana, which would be bad enough, but to two different ones. The first to purchase the list was Mike Foster, the current Governor of Louisiana, against whom Duke was running at the time but dropped out of the race two weeks before he sold the list to Foster, who claims he never used it, for $150,000. The US Attorney's office has a Grand Jury looking into that sweetheart deal even as I speak. Foster claims he did nothing wrong. Duke used some of that money to publish his book, apparently, because after his run for governor he was so deep in debt no one around here ever expected him to surface politically again. That he came back for a run for the US house only goes to show that a good Christian and true is hard to keep down.

The other candidate who bought the list, for a mere $83,000, was Woody Jenkins, a man, even more extremely Christian than David Duke, who ran against Mary Landrieu for the US Senate two years ago. After Jenkins lost the race by a fair count of the ballots, he filed suit claiming every kind of voter fraud and chicanery one can invent or imagine, all of which occurred in the predominantly African-American Orleans Parish, of course, and managed to prevent Landrieu's election from becoming final for nearly a year. His case was dismissed eventually as "meritless."

The most chilling aspect of this ideology, expressed so well and completely by David Duke, is the notion this his "revolution," which any sensible person always already knows and recognizes as nothing more nor less than a race-war, is, and must be seen as, fully "justified by the highest laws of Nature and God." This statement is not despicable because it represents a distortion of Christian orthodoxy, far from it; this statement is horrifying, especially to native Americans, because it so perfectly expresses the heart and soul of every white, racist, Christian ideological design and desire that has ever found its voice in the mob actions of good Christians and true against the lives and the property of the other everywhere and everywhen in the last 500 years of life in the Americas. That Duke's ideological standpoint is perfectly consistent with mainstream Christian theology can be deduced simply enough from the fact that his 80,000 contributors are themselves, each and everyone, good Christians and true. His point of view against the other has its source and origin somewhere. If you can't find the root for yourself, try the Myth of Eden (Genesis 2:7--3:24), try Origen's Against Celsus, try opening your eyes.

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